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You've been struggling to find a Property Deal, nothing seems to stack but you're spending hours on RightMove and Zoopla, but getting nowhere.

You probably don't actually know what you are looking for, what is a 'deal?', what's your criteria? What's your red flags?

There's so much more than just looking at houses all day and thinking it's in a good area.

Maybe you need to redefine your approach, and the outcome from it all.

Perhaps you need direction, something to set you on the right path, from someone who has reviewed over 600 deals over 4 years.

Maybe you just don't know how to price up Refurbishments? Or calculate end values?

These are two massive risk elements in your Property business, if you aren't 10/10 on these, then you might as well set fire to your money.

You've watched a few free YouTube videos, but still are no clearer?

Maybe you keep seeing others on social media finding deals, and you wonder where this magic tree of deals is and when yours will fall off!?

It's daunting at the start, you can get stuck in spreadsheets, data and costings... you lose sight of the bigger picture.

I've got the solution to all of your issues.

I will take you step-by-step through how I look for, analyse and assess deals.

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What Everyone Is Saying About

My Property Investing Webinar

"The Webinar is insightful and comprehensive, delivered with an honesty and frankness that can be lacking in the property industry. The eLearning has really helped to identify what I need to do in the future."

– Gurveer Singh

"I like how Tej explains even the most basic aspects and talks through the entire process, of every aspect. Including insights from his own experience, his mistakes and lessons are invaluable, can't believe this is free!"

– Stephanie Mitchell

"I'm super pleased that I did this Webinar with Tej. It was intense, but so valuable. So many tips and tricks! I then did his Mentoring - It is a HUGE value for money, there are so many courses out there, but this is a different level."

– Jordan Leif

"Tej's Webinar has given me the best start to my property journey. I feel confident, ready, and armed with enough knowledge and information to take action and build my property portfolio. Looking forward to more from Tej"

– Rachel White

"I've learnt so much from Tej's experience, especially managing Builders which can be a very painful time. I'd recommend this to anyone who is serious about Property, and wants to take their learning to the next level."

– Tashan McGregor

"My knowledge on the strategy & property investment overall has improved dramatically. Learning from Tej has been a pleasure, he makes everything clear and easy to understand. A fantastic webinar for beginners!"

– Geena Davies

CASE STUDY: 20 Upper Power St

Purchased Direct 2 Vendor, completed the entire project in 3 months 3 days. That's getting the keys, and entire full refurbishment, moving a tenant in and receiving my remortgage funds. Yep, 3 months - it was crazy! The latest tenant paid 18 months rent upfront, even better.

Purchased for £73,000, spent £17,000 and it got revalued at £125,000. It left in only £3,000.

​It rents for £650 per month and profits £400/pm. If I'd sold it, that's £28,000 profit.

CASE STUDY: 51 Station Road

This had multiple legal issues (which I could fix) which meant everyone else ran away at auction, but I didn't. All investor funded, none of my money in. You'd be scared of this deal, without my help.

Purchase: £141,000
Refurbishment: £31,000
Costs: £21,000

Sale Price: £262,500
RICS Revaluation: £290,000

PROFIT: £54,000
+ EXTRA £5,000 for resolving legal issue

What Is Covered?

  • The way I use Property Portals to find deals and assess the market
  • How to find deals that appear hidden or dangerous to most
  • Why I pick certain properties and avoid others based on my Key Criteria 
  • What areas I look in and why they are beneficial
  • Pre-Analysis... I will save you many hours and wasted trips
  • ​What are red flags when buying and why you should avoid.... or should you!?
  • Structural, Legal and Knotweed issues... and why I love them!
  • The dangers of Auctions and if they are suitable for beginners 
  • ​LIVE Deal Finding, I will go on RM in front of you and find a random deal to analyse
  • ​What makes a safe investment for me and why ROCE is important 
  • ​Pricing up your refurbishment projects and Builders
  • ​Property End Values, how these will be your biggest headache
  • Removing Emotion, It's important to analyse with only logic

Buying Property, & Raising Finance


Ayo raised over £600,000 in private finance, purchased 11 houses in 15 months & his latest Flip will create £35,000+ PROFIT. He's spent £10,000+ on his education.

Ayobami Akeju


Ayush has completed his first JV deal in London, we are now working through his second short-lease/Refurb project which should generate £35,000+ Profit. He's under 25 years old!

Ayush Bhandari


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Tej Singh

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He's made 100s of mistakes, lost £1,000s and suffered from mental health challenges. He's distilled these into learnings, which you can benefit from, without the struggle.

He loves cooking, travelling and dancing!

He raised £900,000+ to build his portfolio from £0 to £1,300,000 in such a short time. Whilst he built his Podcast to 1,000,000 Downloads globally in 4 years. His two latest Flips profited in excess of £100,000. He has written two books on Amazon, with thousands of sales and over 300 5* reviews.

He recently acquired a Commercial Cleaning business with a Turnover of £200,000, and is now buying a food business which will add another £400,000 of Revenue.

Tej purchased 15 properties in 9 months, 2 hours from home, using very little of his own money to start.

He once had a 9-5 and hated every minute of it. He escaped the rat race, what's your excuse?

My Network & I Are Ready To Take You To The Next Level

I Have Experience In Multiple Sectors Over Many Years


I built my Property Portfolio rapidly, and it has since risen in value significantly with capital appreciation.

15 in 9 Months

I purchased 15 properties in my first 9 months, 200 miles from home. Who else has done this? You're next ;) 


I have raised just under £1m of Private Investor finance to fund my property purchases. Stop saving & start raising.


Revenue generated from my Education/Consulting business. Want to monetise your knowledge?


Is the FLIP Profit I created in my last 2 projects. 100% Investor funded, no money in from me.


The Tej Talks Podcast has grown to a massive success globally, I have listeners in over 120 countries

2 X

I built and scaled a Recruitment Business which doubled in profit every year, age 23. My first ever venture.


I acquired a cleaning business using £0 of my own money on a 1x multiple, which generates £200,000 a year.


My next acquisition will provide an additional revenue stream in a totally separate sector with diverse risk

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