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How I Scaled My Property Portfolio From 0 To 15 Houses, In Just 9 Months, Using Only £30k Of My Own Money.

 I Share The EXACT Process & Steps I Used To Create Complete Financial Freedom & Generated £90,000 In FLIP Profit.

This Course Has Helped 100s of Aspiring Property Investors Get Started

After investing in my eLearning and my personalised 1 on 1 Mentorship, my students:

  • My longest Mentee and eLearning, Ayobami, has purchased 11 properties in 15 months and raised £600,000+ of Private Finance
  • My Mentee & eLearner, Ayush, has secured his second Flip Project in London with £35,000+ profit
  • Kelly, an eLearner and Mentee, secured a Commercial to Residential project with a GDV of £1,000,000+ & multi-6-figure profit

Having the right education is key to succeeding in property. The cost of making mistakes is very high, you're not going to lose £10, but £10,000s if you are not prepared. You can lose money at every stage of the process, but is there a way to avoid it?

Absolutely. You must be prepared. Would a Doctor do heart surgery without being trained? Would a Mechanic change an oil filter without learning how? No! 

So why would you spend £10,000s of your hard-earned money on an asset, that can easily become a liability, without first investing in yourself?

Take this opportunity to join my eLearning programme totally for FREE, and enjoy the first module as a gift from me. I know it will educate, inspire and help you get started whilst showing you the reality of this business. 

"Anyone can do it, but not just anyone will do it"

What Everyone Is Saying About

The Tej Talks eLearning Programme

"The course is insightful and comprehensive, delivered with an honesty and frankness that can be lacking in the property industry. The eLearning has really helped to identify what I need to do in the future."

– Jodie Watts

"I like how Tej explains even the most basic aspects and talks through the entire process, of every aspect. Including insights from his own experience, the checklists and guides are so easy to use and put into practise."

– James Oliver

"I'm super pleased that I took this education with Tej. It was intense, but so valuable. So many tips and tricks! It is a HUGE value for money, there are so many courses out there, but this is a different level."

– Adam Parker

"Tej's BRR & Raising Finance courses have given me the best start to my property journey. I feel confident, ready, and armed with enough knowledge and information to take action and build my property portfolio."

– Anita Patel-Rodriguez

"I've learnt so much from Tej's experience, especially managing Builders which can be a very painful time. I'd recommend this to anyone who is serious about Property, and wants to take their learning to the next level."

– Tashan McGregor

"My knowledge on the strategy & property investment overall has improved dramatically. Learning from Tej has been a pleasure, he makes everything clear and easy to understand. A fantastic investment!"

– Joe Sumner

Here's Just Some Of What

You'll Find Inside The First Module Of My eLearning Programme:

  • How to use the Buy Refurbish Refinance model to maximise £££
  • Creating your overall Property Strategy to build wealth
  • The reality & harsh truths about investing in Property in the UK
  • 110% ROI Case Study showing you what's possible
  • Mindset, Health & building the right foundations for your success
  • Ltd Company or Personal name? How to structure your assets 
  • Using online platforms to search, filter and find profitable deals
  • ​Goal Setting & Networking to find deals, money & connections

Buying Property, Raising Finance & Building Businesses

What Do My Students Achieve?

Ayo raised over £600,000 in private finance, purchased 11 houses in 15 months & his latest Flip will create £35,000+ PROFIT. He's spent £10,000+ on his education.

Ayobami Akeju


Ayush has completed his first JV deal in London, we are now working through his second short-lease/Refurb project which should generate £35,000+ Profit.

Ayush Bhandari



Meet your Author

Tej purchased 15 properties in 9 months, 2 hours from home, using very little of his own money. Yep, that's right - 15 properties in only 9 months, a staggering amount.

He raised £900,000+ to build his portfolio from £0 to £1,300,000 in such a short time. Whilst he built his Podcast to 1,000,000 Downloads globally in 4 years. His two latest flips generated in excess of £100,000 profit. Yep, 6 figures from just 2 deals. His portfolio enables 'Financial Freedom' and increases in value every year.

He's made 100s of mistakes, lost £1,000s and suffered from mental health challenges. He's distilled these into learnings, which you can benefit from, without the struggle. You've got to invest in yourself first. He loves cooking, travelling and dancing! He recently came back from 2 months away in Corsica, Italy & California. 


My Network & I Are Ready To Take You To The Next Level

I Have Experience In Multiple Sectors Over Many Years, Here Are The Highlights


I built my Property Portfolio rapidly, and it has since risen in value significantly with capital appreciation.

15 in 9 Months

I purchased 15 properties in my first 9 months, 200 miles from home. Who else has done this? You're next ;) 


I have raised just under £1m of Private Investor finance to fund my property purchases. Stop saving & start raising.


Revenue generated from my Education/Consulting business. Want to monetise your knowledge?


Is the FLIP Profit I created in my last 2 projects. 100% Investor funded, no money in from me.


The Tej Talks Podcast has grown to a massive success globally, I have listeners in over 120 countries

2 X

I built and scaled a Recruitment Business which doubled in profit every year, age 23. My first ever venture.


I acquired a cleaning business using £0 of my own money on a 1x multiple, which generates £200,000 a year.


My next acquisition will provide an additional revenue stream in a totally separate sector with diverse risk